Shopping for Halloween 2021 and Beyond

Halloween is the second biggest holiday celebrated in the US after Christmas. According to the a National Retail Federation’s study covering shopping for Halloween, the spending of US consumers on Halloween reached $8.05 Billion in 2020 and the average spending per buyer went from $79.82 in 2012 to $92.12 in 2020.

Now the numbers talk for themselves. Halloween makes a big deal for almost all of us. We go wild about the celebration, and the preparation needed, compared to other countries like Britain or Australia.

In this article, we are going to cover many aspects of Halloween : Not only are we going to give you some ideas to help your shopping for Halloween (Candies, decoration, costumes…) but we are also going to share with you much information about it, that maybe you never knew about.

In the article, you’ll find a lot of materials, and to help you navigate through it easily below you can click on any title to get directly to it. Skip anything that you don’t want to read. The goal here is that you get something out of it, even if it’s just one idea or one piece of information.


A brief History about Halloween
Why Halloween is So popular in the US
Halloween and the Psychology of Fear
Best Halloween candy on Amazon
Halloween 2021 decoration ideas
Halloween 2021 costume ideas
Selection of must-watch Halloween Films
Halloween Books for Kids

A Brief History about Halloween

Most of us think of “trick or treat”, parades, parties, costumes, watching horror films, reading creepy books, when it comes to Halloween. You may not know the history that shaped Halloween as you know it right now.

Originally it was the Celts, some 2000 years ago in Europe, who celebrated on October 31st the end of the harvest season. I don’t want this to turn into a boring History class so I will just jump to when it came to the US.

It came to America with a wave of Irish immigrants exactly during the potato famine of 1840. They brought several of their holiday customs including, bobbing for apples and playing tricks on neighbors like removing gates from houses fronts. At that time the young pranksters wore masks so they wouldn’t be recognized.

In the late 1930s when the depression hit, tricks became more of vandalism and hooligans. To stop that, storekeepers and neighbors began giving treats or bribes to the children. What started as tricks became tricks or treats, as we now know it.

The fact that we disguise ourselves in costume is just because of the belief that the spirit of dead people would come back to get revenge on the living. This is mainly the story behind it.

According to statistics, it is the third favorite holiday after Christmas and thanksgiving, among the population surveyed.

When asked why they participate in Halloween and why they love it, some people would say that it brings back childhood memories. The excitement they felt dressed in their costumes of princesses and superheroes and visiting neighbors to get treats. The joy of decorating the house with their moms and dads. All of that revives the childlike self in them and as adults, they still have the same enthusiasm for the celebration.

Others would say that they have an innate love for spooky things like witches, monsters, vampires and horror movies. And since Halloween involves scary things they just love it.

On the other hand, other people get immense pleasure from decorating the house from the inside and the outside, so it’s an occasion to get creative about the decoration, costumes, makeup, and so on. Also, for many people, it is an occasion to wear spooky, funny clothes without being concerned about what others might think of them. It gives you a kind of freedom to be someone else for a brief time and be around family and friends scaring each other, laughing, playing around, partying…

Besides, nothing is serious about it in the sense that you don’t need to honor someone or something, you don’t need to give gifts for anyone except treats for children. You enjoy yourself and poke fun at other people.

Halloween and the Psychology of Fear

If Halloween revolves around many scary things like ghosts, death, monsters, gravestones, skulls, skeletons, vampires and so on, how is it possible we enjoy it so much?

“Well, it has to do with how the mind processes fear” as Arash Javanbakht and Linda Saab (Professors of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience) wrote in 2017 an article called The Science of Fright.

They said in the article that from a biological standpoint when you’re in a situation of threat your brain floods your sympathetic system with adrenaline and other hormones that increase blood flow, accelerate your breathing, raise your heartbeat. In this situation, your mind and body react to those changes by taking some actions to avoid or escape the threat.

It turns out that these biological reactions are the same when you feel aroused. For example, when you’re in a haunted house, your brain knows that the threat isn’t real and you’re in a safe place, then the same biological reaction to something scary gives you excitement and joy. This is why on Halloween we enjoy ourselves although all of it is about scary, spooky things.

Now I hope you have a more detailed idea about Halloween. Next, let’s shop together for Halloween, we’ve selected for you some items for the decoration, costumes, books, movies and of course… Candy ! 🍭

Best Halloween candy on Amazon

Shopping for Halloween is about buying large stocks of candy. We love to give the children something that they would enjoy eating. It is a big pleasure to see their smiles after getting the candies. That’s why we’ve selected Halloween candy from Amazon that is affordable and of good quality, but also fun and with creative design to match the occasion.

Palmer (1) Bag Double Crisp Skulls - Chocolaty N Smooth Crisp N Crunchy Candy - Individually Wrapped Halloween Candy Pieces - Net

Palmer Skulls $6.98

Tootsie Roll Chocolatey Twist Midgees Resealable Standup Bag, Peanut Free, Gluten Free original, 4.86 LB

Tootsie Roll $13.99

SNICKERS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS & MILKY WAY Minis Size Chocolate Party Candy Variety Mix, 67.2-Ounce 240 Pieces

SNICKERS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS & MILKY WAY Minis Size Chocolate Party Candy Variety Mix, 240 Pieces $27.97

REESE'S, HERSHEY'S and KIT KAT Assorted Milk Chocolate Miniatures Candy

REESE’S, HERSHEY’S and KIT KAT Assorted Milk Chocolate Miniatures Candy $32.45

M&M'S Ghoul's Mix Peanut Chocolate Halloween Candy (62oz.)

M&M’S Ghoul’s Mix $29.99

Halloween 2021 decoration ideas

Shopping for Halloween is also about buying stuff to decorate our houses. Decoration for Halloween is a big deal. We like to get creative and try out original ideas. It will be fun to do but you need to know what to do and get the most out of what you have in hand. We’ve already made the tour in Amazon to give you some recommendations on decoration items (outdoor) you could use, which are affordable and could make your house an attraction to neighbors. We want you to stand out!

Glitzhome GH30052 Halloween Decorations Outdoor Set of 3 Metal Ghost Boo Garden Yard Signs with Stakes

This outdoor decoration with a metal ghost and “Boo” sign could be great for your yard. It’s really cute. On Amazon, you could get it for $75.99.

Halloween Decorations Holding Hands Witch, Sound-Activated Sensor Light-UP Witches with Stakes

Holding hands Witches are great for outdoor decoration also. Look at the photo, creepy !

Posable Halloween Skeletons, Full Body Posable Joints Skeletons 5 Packs for Halloween Decoration, Graveyard Decorations, Haunted House Accessories

If you want to turn your house into a haunted one attracting many visitors these Skeletons will do the job. If you could also make them sing like Michael Jackson or laugh like crazy, or even dance. Then you have a big show.

Halloween Decorations Realistic 3D Lighted Pumpkin Halloween Lights String with 4 LED Pumpkins Pathway Lights, Waterproof Battery Operated Jack-O-Lantern Yard Stakes For Indoor Outdoor Halloween Décor

Who would celebrate Halloween without pumpkins? During the month of October, pumpkins are everywhere ! These 3D realistic pumpkins will give a spooky atmosphere to your yard every night. They are durable and you even can use them for camping to light around. Smart!

Halloween 2021 costume ideas

Shopping for Halloween is certainly about buying the right costume.

Wearing costumes during Halloween is very exciting. We all want to impress each other with original costumes.

If you’re looking for places to shop for halloween costumes, we have selected for you some unique costumes you can find on Amazon.

Spadehill Womens Halloween Lace Sleeve Swing Dress

This Spadehill women’s Halloween pumpkin and haunted house pattern print is amazing. I love the little bats all over the dress. This is a must if you want to be not very scary but absolutely classy and gorgeous. Besides, it is very comfortable.

Rubie's mens Mortal Kombat Deluxe Scorpion Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Standard US

This mortal Combat suit is also great for any party you might be attending. One thing is for sure with this costume : No one could recognize you because even the face is covered. It is also quite affordable ($54.27).

Selection of must-watch Halloween Films

It’s maybe unorthodox, but to us, shopping for Halloween is about buying (or renting) some particular movies.

Needless to say that watching horror movies during October is one of the main activities related to Halloween. For those of you who love this genre, we’ve selected for you some titles you could enjoy watching with family or friends.

First on the list is the “28 days later” directed by Danny Boyle, if you’re a fan of zombie characters then you would be watching the right thing. You can rent it on Amazon Prime for $3.99 or buy it for $14.99.

Second on the list, “The Haunting” is a classic first released in 1963 but it holds up to today. Very creepy scenes. As a whole, it was very clever work. It’s the favorite horror film of the great Martin Scorsese and you can buy for $4.99 on Amazon Prime.

Third one, “The Orphanage” directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. The film has a sustained sense of threat. The story and characters play, make the scary scenes even more scary. It’s available in HD for $11.99.

The last one on the list is “It Follows“. A film some people might find not scary but others said that it contains scenes that could made them swallow their tongue or made them transition to another dimension.

Halloween Books for Kids

Finally, you cannot be shopping for Halloween if you don’t bring some themed books for your kids.

If you’re a family whose obsession for halloween runs very deep in the traditions. Then we have carefully selected for you some book titles to enjoy reading with your kids, throughout October.

Room on the Broom it is about a witch who welcomes animals for a ride on her broom. If she faces trouble her friends do all they could to help her. It is about making friends, inclusion, helping each other.

Ten Timid Ghosts is about ghosts living in a haunted house but they are being ousted by a witch. The book has great illustrations and is very good to read-a-loud.

Five little monkeys – “Trick or treat” is funny to read and the illustrations, are great, it’s about 5 monkeys who dress up and go for tricks or treats with their best babysitter. It is vibrant and silly, also great to read aloud.

The haunted mansion this book has a spooky and cute feeling to it which makes it fun to read especially in Halloween. You will have it with a CD to enjoy listening to the songs.

Final word

I hope this article was useful to you. The most important thing is to enjoy your life day by day and to celebrate Halloween the way you like it.

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